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Bull Elephant Close Encounter – Kruger National Park – Walking vs. Driving African Game Reserves

It’s hard to describe the size and power of a very large African bull elephant – the largest on record stood 15 feet at the shoulder and weighed 26,000 pounds. Zoos don’t keep them due to their sheer size and … Continue reading

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The Wild Coast, Who Invited The Hyenas To The Braai? IUmfolosi and more

After re supplyIng in the famous surfing town of Jeffry’s Bay on the Indian Ocean and made famous in the surfing classic “The Endless Summer” (Cape Saint Francis -the perfect wave) we headed into the stretch of coast known as … Continue reading

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The Whales Of De Hoop , Bontebucks In The Front Yard, What’s It Like, The Elepants Of Addo

Hey All! We’ve now driven more than 2000 kilometers here in ZA (Z is S in Africaans). So what’s it like? What’s our day like? we typically have one driving day interspersed with one or  more    explore days. The … Continue reading

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