Bryan and Jane’s Travels – Southern Africa – First Post

Hey All!

We launch tomorrow for Cape Town via DC/Dulles and Johannesburg and across the International Date Line (tomorrow) to arrive in early spring conditions – temps in the 60’s cool, breezy. After picking up a vehicle we’ll commence what will eventually be a 1,500 plus mile odyssey across southern Africa via the SA provinces of Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Gauteng. We’ll then meet our friend, guide and naturalist Ant Washford (African Adventure Safaris: near Johannesburg and proceed up thru the Limpopo province, crossing over into Botswana and the Kalahari Desert, Okovango Delta, Xai Pans (dry lakes), the Chobe river for the great elephant/buffalo migration, and ending up at Victoria Falls on the mighty Zambezi in Zimbawe. Ok, got a geography induced migraine yet? No? Well, how ’bout a South African tongue twister….we’ll be stopping in the oldest game reserve in Africa – Hluhluwe-iMfolozi (“shu-lul-way eh-UM-fa loooozi”). I just love saying it.

WHY SOUTH AFRICA? – Some 30 years ago, Norman Myers coined the term “Biodiversity Hot Spot” to describe areas of the earth with unique, endemic (occurring nowhere else), and endangered ecosystems. California is one, with our coastal coastal chaparral and redwood ecosystems. And so is South Africa, with its unique Fynbos, Karoo and other ecosystems. If you’ve ever admired a gorgeous Protea flower in a boquet, you’ve experienced a little bit of the Fynbos, which only exists in southern coastal South Africa….. Oh, there’ll also be lions….but no tigers and bears….oh my! More to come!

Here’s the South Africa portion of the trip:>

Cheers from Bryan and Jane

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